The House of Prayer

Welcome Home! If you are reading this, I can safely presume you qualify as a people as written about in the universalist and nonsectarian non exclusionary protocol accredited as written by the prophet named Isaiah. In the 56th Chapter of the prophet Isaiah, (Old Testament in The Holy Bible) it is stated, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples”. This phrase is also accredited as the words of Jesus, (New Testament) “My house shall be called the house of prayer”, Matthew 21:13; “Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer?”, Mark 11:17; and, “It is written, My house is the house of prayer.”, Luke 19:46.

Breaking this down simply we have 3 concepts that come together here:

1) “My house”. This is a jurisdictional statement. My house, my rules. A man’s home is his castle. This is why as *Arch Bishop of the house of prayer, the author of these exhortations is calling for a quickening towards a jurisdictional homecoming. Is YOUR house a house of prayer? Is your dwelling known as The house of prayer by your neighbors? What would that mean to you? Is it some sanctimonious ideal where monks walk speechlessly with a zombified expression permanently affixed upon their faces as they stroll through the hallways? Maybe to some, but not to this author. A few thoughts come to mind, and I will expand as time allows in the future, but for now suffice it to say this about the house. Firstly it has ownership, perhaps one of the first words many infants learn. “Mine”. It does not belong to another. In America (where the author lives out his bodily existence) it is not “of” the United States, any State thereof, or any sub-division County, or City therein. It is the epitome of “private” property. It is fully in keeping with all the legal written laws in America to have such a place. As many of you may find out through further study, the United States is everywhere that their jurisdiction extends to and simply put absent consent or contract otherwise, that is all the land and property belonging to The United States of America, or in any of its political subdivisions irrespective of their names, be-it State, County or City. If it is owned by the sub-division and is not owned privately, the written laws as agreed upon by the trustees for that property applies ON THAT PROPERTY. These private copy-written proprietary legislative dictates do not magically apply to private property no matter what the sheeple may believe. “House” also is territorial in nature. It has perimeters. There is an in and out to the place. You cannot be in the house and out of the house at the same time.There are many esoteric and spiritual analogous conceptualizations surrounding this separation concept, but for the sake of brevity lets just state that everywhere we look there are two sides to everything. If there is an “up” a “down” is inevitable. If there is a “fast” there is also a “slow”. In like manner if there is an “in” there is also an “out”. Separating the sheep from the goats can been observed as an expression that relates to those who seek and those who care not to seek. So bringing this home (pun intended). Who’s house is YOUR house? Is YOUR house actually YOUR house? Is it on land and property belonging to government? A simple title search may be needed if you do not know. Is there a contract whereby you vested all or any of your right, title or interest to property to another? If so, pay your lawfully contracted debts (that is a mouthful) and seek to be free of these as quickly as you can to be able to focus on “getting your house in order”.

2) “Shall be Called”. On a Macroscopic perception, eventually, the records could show this land, dwellings and appurtenances as part of the ecclesiastical property of The house of prayer. For this and many other reasons, the land is NOT TO BE TAXED. This is a goal that is reachable and attainable and should be constantly sought. If the land is taxed, it is not the called, “the house of prayer”. It is NOT sacrosanct/set aside/ outside of the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the territorial government sub-divisions of the United States. It is NOT private! A quick request to the Bureau of Land Management should be productive to discover the Land Patent whereby the United States through the President OF THE United States, demonstrates that the United States ceded (no longer has a claim) to the land of which your land is of entirety or a part of that original section. When something is ceded, unless in the chain of title someone has ceded it back, legally/lawfully and in every way, that land is not “OF” the United States or any of its political subdivisions, be-it State, County or City. Here is where the reader is admonished to research fully territorial jurisdiction. This is crucial to the development of extra-territorial jurisdiction. On a microscopic level, what are the occurrences in and on that place? Is it mayhem, anger, animosity, murder, rape, pillage, death, theft...? Or perhaps less violent physically, mayhem, anger, animosity, fighting, name calling, argument, greed, envy, or other demonstrations of that would be obvious to any onlooker that this place/space/plane of existence is not CALLED “The house of prayer”. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven is recorded in Matthew 5:16. If men walked by your house, would they see your good works? Works=Deeds. Would the deeds demonstrated by your personal relationships in and on that house be one which outsiders would see and conceptualize the maturity of one whose mind and head is in heaven, meaning outside of the hell outsiders of The house of prayer dwell in daily. James 4:1 reveals this dichotomy, “From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?” So prayer can be equivalent with righteousness or right mindedness. It is equivalent with peace or the absence of strife. It is equivalent with joy the absence of sorrow. Have you ever walked into a huge church or even a library or an office building dedicated to a specific purpose? Did you notice the tendency to hush infants, to whisper and keep the noise level toned down? This is because you noticed that the place was tamed and called by a name other than a chaotic, wild and un-named location. It had a purpose and it had a calling. It was observed by most, and unless those who stepped therein were themselves untrained in respect for others, those rules are instantly known even if there were no notices or signs requesting silence. Such signs would be mostly for those with no parental ‘Father’ in heaven. Father in heaven = guidance in the ways higher than base ways. Higher ways than just wild, untamed dogs without a master. Guided from above by good. Alert, awake, enlightened, in contrast to those who refuse or do not know yet how to govern themselves (which is all of us in *some* ways, hence our physical frame ages and diseases so easily). NOW, on relation to these good works/deeds in contrast to the public entities acting as government, would the deeds demonstrated by the public documents recorded (ALSO called deeds) demonstrate the sacrosanct extra-territorial jurisdiction of this land as that called out portion of The house of prayer? What is the name of your house? As for me and my house, I have made up my mind.

3) “The house of prayer”. This last subsection is summarized in the word “of”. So to Clintonize this, “it depends on what the definition of “of” is. Of to this author describes definite ownership and particular excepting of anything else but the object to which it is defined. ‘Of’ prayer. To comprehend this in a universalist, nonsectarian way, this author would like the reader to relinquish his or her personal observance of what prayer means and realize that could be as many definitions of the word as there are people to define it. That being said, what would be the common denominator of prayer then. I would suggest to start us on our journey towards the consciousness of this realm of building in and building up this plane of existence that we consider the word prayer to be the act of placing ones mind and understanding in the lofty place where good is. After all God is good... Therefore good must also be God. Someone once argued against this by saying, “If I say Ice Cream is Cold does that mean Cold is Ice Cream? In this word play I would agree all cold is not ice cream. However, what differs in our “God is good” dissection is that the conceptualization of what we call “God” as a word is undefinable in actuality. What I mean is as the word goes, if you have a “God” as big as your understanding, you have a very small God. Universally speaking when men in all histories have petitioned towards a “God”, be-it ancients praying to the sun Native Americans to the Great Spirit, or Christians to the God of the Jews, or whatever other brand of prayer you can or have conceptualized, the one common denominator is “good”. Even if the prayer was imprecatory in nature, the end result was percieved to be “good”. Imprecatory example: “O Great Spirit, smite my enemies with blindness that my offspring may have peace”. So that we can have a universalist, non sectarian outreach whereby ALL PEOPLE can find refuge, I suggest we acknowledge that our houses become the houses of prayer which is for all people. To redefine the words, “As for me and the land I dwell upon, and the houses erected for the comfort and joy of my righteous life, I hereby dedicate everywhere my foot shall trod to the higher and loftier purposes of good, and may all public deeds be corrected to demonstrate the same, and to accomplish this, all the same shall need to be extra-territorial to any public entity or society not committed to this end.” That sums it up. What is written of your house? “It is written, My house is the house of prayer.”

What can be done immediately?

Here is a list of steps that can assist in our journey together towards the end of establishing ourselves and families as being in and of “The house of prayer.”

1) Keeping in mind that “The house of prayer” is NOT A RELIGIOUS GROUP or a denomination of any sect of religion. Ecclesiastical should be understood (along with all of the words which have a religious sound to them on this webpage) as belonging to those who understand their place of dominion in the earth. The people are those of the highest order. Governments, corporations, all other societal organizations being under the people, The house of Prayer for ALL PEOPLE is the dominion of PEOPLE. Therefore, when we use these words, the uninitiated will perceive us as religious. Not to worry, that will not work against us in any way. The reason for this, is that all organic law is foundation-ally separated from the God thingy. No religious test is just one example. This outreach of The house of prayer has simply placed the focus on those universalist and nonsectarian concepts that ALL altruistic religious dogma attempt and have in common. Namely, personal freedom from slavery, non consensual taxation of personal labor, being secure in ones person and property (not fearing when you see flashing lights, knowing that you will not have your cot ripped out from under you at any time, knowing that you can pass on and bequeath property to family unfettered by huge portions being ferreted away because of societal mistakes you made in ignorance or confusion).

2) Place a notice/sign above your entryway upon all dwellings naming/claiming the physical locations for this extra-territorial condition. “Shall be called” is being fulfilled. If you are not artsy-crafy type or you desire such a sign made for you, our members have donated labor and materials to this work and we can ship out to you an unfinished and unpainted sign that we send out to those who request it when donating to this work. For details, see the order section of our webpage, and order your first step and call your house “The House of Prayer.”

3) Make contact with me the Arch-Bishop for the house of prayer if you desire to be a Bishop (servant) for The house of prayer for all people. (Arch Bishop = head servant; Arch Bishop serves the Bishops, the Arch Bishop is the servants servant, or the trustees trustee.) If you are not a newbie concerning the law and its application or if you are a newbie but have an intense drive to learn and serve others and are willing to have weekly meetings to learn how to implement these lofty concepts in your area, you may desire to be a trustee to the people also known as a Bishop (A Bishop is simply the name of a trustee for The house of prayer and the Bishops area = diocese). For More information about Bishops and Diocese, the Arch Bishop can personally mentor upcoming Bishops and share the information on this web page as well as the mechanics of the strategies presently known and others being developed to these ends. Use the contact us section of this web page to contact us. If the conditions allow, the Arch Bishop or certain qualified Bishops can assist seasonally by arriving at your diocese and offering hands on training and mentoring.

4) Start your CLAP (common lore administrative process) and begin the processes detailed in the strategy section of this webpage, order documents and tools there and begin implementing these in your area or diocese, or just for your own house, land and personal freedom if you are a loner.

5) Order and regularly play the flash card game “Freedom Pursuit” which will educate you by repetition concerning the laws and application of the laws on relation to you and personal, familial and territorial freedom. Presently The house of prayer only has a flash card “Freedom Pursuit” game for America, but will soon have other flash card games for other areas besides The United States of America. See the order section for more information on this “Freedom Pursuit” game and how it can personally effect you and those within your influence.

6) Check out our NEW tools for life and liberty that are offered on the Offerings page. Other tools are listed than what is mentioned here.